1. Connect with your Higher Self to heal past experiences
    Thursday Jan. 18, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Find what is blocking you in the present and which past experience needs healing, and allow yourself to move past the hurt so you can get on with your life. Access your higher self through guided meditation to discover what is holding you back and forgive, release, and heal the past through a guided release technique. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  2. Remove blockages for self-acceptance
    Thursday January 25, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Identify your core beliefs about yourself and life and remove blockages related to these negative beliefs through guided meditation and achieve greater self-acceptance of yourself. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  3. Release yourself from your family karma
    Thursday February 8, 2018 - 7h to 8hPM Repair and release energetic ties from your ancestors. Heal any of the 7 karmic shadows written in our family's history through guided meditation. Cost: $20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
  4. Living from the Heart in this time of Extremes
    Thursday February 1, 2018 - 7h-8hPM. Expand your heart's energy and learn to live a fulfilled life through love and compassion. Guided group meditation to send loving energy to a part of the world in need. Cost:$20 Location: 63 Hebert, Gatineau Qc J8P 6B6
Evelyne Paulauskas
Healing Facilitator & Spiritual Coach 
Registered Integrative Naturotherapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Intuitive
Evelyne is an Integrative Naturotherapist in Reiki and is curently completing a Bachelor in Metaphysical Theology, and is an aspiring author and motivational speaker.   She is free-spirited and open minded and is passionate about  alternative medicine, meditation, and yoga.  Questions of faith, consciousness and spirituality light her up, thrill and inspire her. 
Always guided by her intuition and senses, she works closely with the spirit world and trusts the Divine Universe whole-heartedly by living in  the present moment and letting the sacred and divine unfold. 
Evelyne's life mission is to elevate the world's vibration, one person at a time, by teaching and guiding them to realign with the flow of the Universe. 
 "Take extra-ordinary steps toward making changes in you life, one day at a time.   You have the power to choose the path of your destiny."
Evelyne has always used energy and lived her life intuitively, and taught others how to do it too.  She  has practiced many different careers from hotel management to massage therapy, to administration and communications. Evelyne strongly believes that each experience, each job has formed and trained her to get to where she is today and gives her the necessary tools to share her gift with all of you.  Over the years, she has deepened her connection with the spirit world and has been guided to follow her life's mission and create the life of her dreams. 
As a spiritual being having a human experience and living in a physical reality, Evelyne is constantly evolving with every experience. She is saying yes to her calling!
Her goal is to transform her blogging into a book and her love for helping others heal grow into a wellness centre.
"With every experience I create I transform into a new being every day. "
Evelyne aims to live in the present moment and tries to stay honest, forgiving, loving and giving every day. She lives by the laws of abundance and sufficiency - "Give to others what you want to receive"; "There is always enough", and by the law of karma - "Reap what you sow"; "What you put out into the world will come back to you".
She has faith in God - or a higher divine power- whatever you want to call it: the infinite potential, creativity, love, compassion, the universe in manifestation. 
She has trust that all is right today, right this moment, and that tomorrow will unfold as it should. Everything that happens, every little sign/ event is a message, a push to send you on to the path toward your destiny.